Where did the name Aromatic Fougère come from?

One of the many fragrance families is called Aromatic Fougère or Aromatics. ‘Fougère’ translates into  to mean ‘fern’. While associated perfumes are known for the intensive spicy-grass scent, it is far richer than a mere plant smell.

The family was named after a men’s fragrance called Fougère Royale (Royal Fern) in 1882. This groundbreaking scent combined floral notes of lavender, spicy tonka beans, warm oakmoss and sandalwood, and oriental amber. Other aromatics include notes of sage, rosemary, and cumin.

In 2015, the Aromatics family is as popular as ever, especially within men’s fragrances.

Here are a few of our favourites. Click to to check out our Aromatics family. 

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